Pre-Feasibility, Concept Design and Environmental Impact Assessment of Landfill Site Islamabad

The City of Islamabad generates between 500 to 600 tons of MSW every day. Currently there is no proper Landfill site in Islamabad for waste disposal. This site is designed to accept only 500 tons of solid waste every day. The consultant completed the task of Pre-feasibility, concept design of proposed facility that shall comprise of waste reception facility, weigh bridge, fencing, internal roads, surface water drainage system, leachate & landfill gas collection and treatment systems, offices, parking areas, garage and service stations etc. The EIA was conducted that include the Identification of impacts on physical environment including land, water, and air and suggesting mitigation measures. Identification of impacts on biological environment including flora, fauna and natural habitat and suggesting mitigation measures. Identification of impacts on socio-economic environment in the vicinity of the proposed landfill site and suggesting mitigation measure

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