Ittehad Chemical Limited engage Asian Consulting Engineers for Design, Construction and Installation of Wastewater treatment Plant. The waste water treatment plant have cpacity 80 m3/h with area of 1 acre. The development works envisage provisioning of Waste Water Reception Tank, Coarse screen, Equalization tank, Primary Clarifier, Aeration tank (AT), Secondary clarifier (SC), Supernatant Tank, Chemical dosing system, Evaporation ponds, Sludge line and Sludge drying bed (SDB). EIA includes study of evaluating the likely Socio-environmental impacts of development, taking into account inter-related socio-economic, cultural and human-health impacts, both beneficial & adverse of construction and operation of WWTP

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has decided to prepare a comprehensive Master Plan for the whole Lahore Division which is hereinafter referred to as “the Project Area”. The site is surrounded by the India in east, Gujranwala in the north, Faisalabad in the west and Sahiwal & Pakpattan in the south. The total area of project is about 11413.5 km². The master plan is designed for the population of 24 million. This plan is supposed to guide the future development of all the urban area falling under the Lahore Division for future 20 years i.e. till year 2035. The SEA and EIA study was conducted that includes, investigation and record the existing social, economic, and environmental conditions that correspond to the proposed location of the project prior to the implementation. Description of different aspects of the proposed project including the ground water aquifer assessment, storm water drainage, flood prone areas, wastewater collection and treatment, solid waste management, power supply, access and internal road network. Define and assess the potential beneficial and adverse impacts resulting from the project. Propose mitigation measures in order to minimize the adverse effects and enhance the beneficial effects Master Plan for Lahore Division Project and Prepare an Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP) for the project. Ecological Impact Assessment, Flood Study, Ground water Assessment and Social Impact Assessment is the part of SEA and EIA Study. On basis of the policy guideline was developed in order to cater the impacts

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