Environmental Impact Assesment for Establishment of 1000 Beded Nishtar II, Hospital, Staff Accommodation, Medical College and Nursing College District Multan

The project is to establish 1000 beded Nishtar II hospital with medical university, staff accommodation, allied facility and its infrastructure. The total area of project is 58 acres and located at Mauza Laaber-o-Bulail on Multan-Shuja’abad Road, Multan, Punjab. The baseline study of the existing environmental conditions in the project area including the identification of environmentally sensitive areas. Identification of environmentala issues and activities arising because of project’s intervention. Assessment of environmental impacts and their significance. Suggesting appropriate mitigation measures for minimizing/reducing/controlling the adverse impacts. Designing environmental monitoring and evaluation methods for supervising the environmental performance of the project. Formulation of Environmental Management Plan for environmentally smooth implementation of the project. Assess the proposed activities and determine their compliance with the relevant environmental regulations in Pakistan. Prepare an EIA report for submission to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Punjab. To provide information to the proponent, stakeholders and designers for alleviating potential adverse impacts. Conduct Public Hearing of Project.

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