Housing Projects

Sr.No Name of Project Location Province/Country Client Area under the Housing Society/Acres Year Handled as: Single Firm: S /Lead Firm :L /Joint Venture: J
1 Atomic Energy Commission Foundation Lahore/Pakistan PAECF, Islamabad 200 Dec-15 S
2 Hangu Township, Hangu Hangu/Pakistan PHA, Peshawar 13250 Dec-14 S
3 Model Town Peshawar Peshawar/ Pakistan PHA, Peshawar 13250 Jun-14 L
4 Commoners Sky Gardens Islamabad/Pakistan Private Developers 650 May-14 S
5 Royal Palm City, Gujranwala Gujranwala/Pakistan Aujla Associates 1400 Jan-14 S
6 Golden Palms, Gwadar Gwadar/Pakistan Hashoo Group, Pakistan 1000 Feb-13 S
7 Wapda Town Islamabad Islamabad/Pakistan WAPDA Employees Coop 600 Jun-13 S
8 Canal View Housing, Gujranwala, Phase-II Gujranwala/Pakistan Aujla Associates 300 Jun-14 S
9 DHA Town, DHA Lahore, Phase-IX Lahore/Pakistan DHA, Lahore 500 Dec-12 S
10 OPF Housing, Lahore Lahore/Pakistan OPF, Islamabad 425 Jan-13 S
11 Judicial Town, Islamabad Islamabad.Pakistan Fed.Shariat Court Emp. Coop 300 Jun-06 S
12 Sharjah City, Gujranwala Gujranwala/Pakistan Private Housing Society 65 Jun-06 S
13 Canal View, Gujranwala Gujranwala/Pakistan Ujla Associates, G/Wala 233 Jan-06 S
14 Sukh Chayn Gardens Housing Estate, Lahore Lahore/Pakistan Sukh Chayn Pvt Ltd. Lahore 250 Aug-07 S
15 Air Force Housing Scheme, Lahore Lahore/Pakistan Pak Airforce, Islamabad 175 Dec-04 S
16 Central Park, Lahore Lahore/Pakistan Urban Developers, Lhr 1500 Dec-06 S
17 Wapda Town, Sheikhupura Sheikhupura/Pakistan WAPDA Employees Coop 230 Dec-05 S
18 Canal City, Sialkot Sialkot/Pakistan Private Housing Society 60 Dec-05 S
19 Mid-Land Housing Scheme, Lahore Lahore/Pakistan Private Housing Society 66 Dec-05 S
20 Rolling Hills Farm Houses, Islamabad Islamabad/Pakistan Private Housing Society 63 Jun-05 S
21 Work No Word Housing, Rawalpindi Rawalpindi/Pakistan WNW Housing Society 125 Jan-06 S
22 Silicon City, Rawalpindi-Islamabad Islamabad/Pakistan Urban Developers, Lhr 1250 Dec-05 S
23 Garden Villas, Adiala Road, Rawalpindi Rawalpindi/Pakistan Private Housing Society 150 Jun-04 S
24 FOECHS, Islamabad Islamabad/Pakistan Foreign Office Employees Coop 205 Dec-03 S
25 Commoner's Town-Extension, Islamabad (DHAI) Islamabad/Pakistan Coop Housing Society 1250 Dec-05 S
26 Pakistan Housing, Vehari Vehari/Pakistan PHA, Islamabad 70 Sep-99 S
27 Pakistan Housing, Lodharan Lodharan/Pakistan PHA, Islamabad 69 Aug-99 S
28 Air Avenue, Lahore Lahore/Pakistan Urban Developers, Lhr 68 Dec-04 S
29 Commoners Town, Islamabad Islamabad/Pakistan Coop Housing Society 125 Dec-04 S
30 PAK PWD Housing, Rawalpindi Rawalpindi/Pakistan Pak PWD Employees Coop 66 Dec-00 S
31 AWT Comm. Project, Faisalabad Faisalabad/Pakistan AWT, Rawalpindi 38 Jul-95 S
Labour Colony, Hub Hub/Pakistan Labour Department, Quetta 25 Jun-91 S
33 Nisar Town, Lahore Lahore/Pakistan Prov.Coop Board 206 Jul-92 S
34 Millat Housing, Lahore Lahore/Pakistan Millat Tractors Coop 75 Jun-94 S
35 WAPDA Town, Multan Multan/Pakistan WAPDA Employees Coop 100 Dec-96 S
36 LG&RD Housing, Lahore Lahore/Pakistan LG&RD Employees Coop 100 Dec-94 S
37 Public Housing, Lahore Lahore/Pakistan PHED Employees Coop 100 Dec-02 S
38 Greenland City, Rawalpindi Rawalpindi/Pakistan Private Housing Society 313 Jun-94 S

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